Pray for our neighbors, leaders, and other missionaries as we continue to do life and serve Jesus in Jackson, Mississippi!  It truly blesses and encourages me to know that people are seeking God about a place that is so dear to me. We believe that Jackson will be saved in Jesus’ name!

As a full-time missionary at We Will Go Ministries, we live on faith that Jesus will provide. If you’re able to support me financially, either monthly or a one time donation, you are more than welcomed and can do so in two different ways:

First, you can donate through We Will Go Ministries. This is best if you’d like record of your donation for tax purposes! Just follow the link below and select ‘Mariah Pitre’ under the donation button!donate_hand

Option 2, you can donate straight to my account. This is best if you’d like to make a one time donation, or would like to see a breakdown of my personal missions expenses! You can always e-mail me for more information! 


You are more than welcomed to specify, if the Lord is leading you to support me in any specific area (i.e. monthly Intern fees, internal missions trips, living expenses, etc.)