Summer of HOPE! #camphope

It has been a great first three weeks of Camp Hope! Jesus has made a way for us to open our doors for over 40 children every weekday from 8am-5pm. It has been a time of going deeper with the Lord, and learning about the hope we have in Jesus! We have seen into the lives of so many precious families. Children are coming into our home and learning how to be who Jesus created them to be, in an atmosphere of safety and love. We are so thankful! We are praying for souls to be saved and for the Prince of Peace to reign in every home.

One of my favorite aspects of Camp Hope is seeing the Lord love each child and volunteer in the way that they need love. During our second week of camp, two children were signed in later than usual, and immediately told me that no one would wake up to bring them to camp. You could hear the frustration in their voices. I asked them if they were hungry because we had moved on from breakfast time. They both responded with a quick ‘YES!’ I was able to give them each a granola bar and juice, to which one of the children said, “Jesus loves us!” They were so excited that we would still give them food past ‘breakfast time’, and I was thankful for a sweet time when the Lord allowed those little ones to feel special and to be cared for. We are praying for campers, missionaries, interns, and volunteers alike to experience the overwhelming love of Jesus this summer! Would you pray for us as we enter the next 5 weeks of Camp Hope?

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” 1 John 4:18 ESV


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“We have structure, we have rules, we have a safe place, we have love, and most importantly we have the Holy Spirit. We also have a camp full of children that have never known any of these things, some days you see them soaking the truth in like little sponges, other days you wonder if they’ve heard anything at all. Today was one of those days…during craft time they made rainbows to represent promise and then asked them what question they wanted to ask God…one child asked God why the Holy Spirit was his friend? And the Holy Spirit answered, because you’re special…He quietly wrote the answer on his paper and I looked over at just the right moment. My attention had been on a child that was not behaving well, and in that moment Jesus reminded me that He works in unseen ways, and today I had the privilege to see one way He is working in that child’s life…I can have faith that He is working despite our feelings.” –Katelyn, WWG Summer Intern


Who knew 2017 would look like…

If you have 5 seconds…

Jackson, Mississippi

Tampico, Mexico

Pemba, Mozambique

Bulembu, Swaziland

(oh my!!!)

If you have a nice minute…


There’s no bigger privilege than being able to live life sharing the love of Jesus! We’re half way through 2017, and I wanted to update you guys with some of my many journeys with Jesus!

At the start of 2017, Jesus spoke words like ‘equipping, learning, leading, purity, lion & lioness, unity, warrior, etc.’ I remember jotting down these words with great expectation, and it’s beautiful to see Jesus breathe life on those words. On days when I’ve felt discouraged or overwhelmed, Jesus, in His kindness, would remind me of words He’d spoken. How many hours have I sat with the Lord asking questions and praying, only to hear Him say to me, ‘Mariah, I’m equipping you!’ At times those words would fill me with joy, and at times those same words filled me with tears, knowing that Jesus was with me through the pain. He is faithful to be my strength when I am weak.

This year, the Lord has answered prayers that have altered my life in the most amazing ways. One day I’m praying for Jesus to align some of my biggest desires/dreams with that of We Will Go’s, and the next day, Jesus released me into new area(S) of ministry…aka lots of transition. I went from being on the media team to leading things like Hosea Ministry & Camp Hope. (Really, he answered prayers to align my dreams with that of We Will Go’s in ONE DAY.) 2017 itself has been filled with transition, and opportunities to lean on Him!! Jesus has truly changed the way that I see myself, and He’s trusted me with more of His heart. I’m so very thankful!

He’s also given me the INCREDIBLE opportunity to go on a few international mission trips! I am believing Jesus and planning to go on mission trips to Mexico, Mozambique, and Swaziland! He’s spoken that Mexico will be a time when He teaches me about endurance and about burning for the lost. My mission trip to Mozambique and Swaziland will be learning and leading and relying on Him!

Before reading my little glimpse of ‘2017 journeys with Jesus,’ I want to encourage you with this thought: it’s not always about the ‘thing,’ but it’s about the people! Each and every portion of this ‘timeline’ is attached to people that Jesus loves. Each and every mark on this timeline plays a part in what Jesus spoke at the very start of 2017…‘equipping, learning, leading, purity, lion & lioness, unity, warrior, etc.’

  • January-began leading We Will Go’s Hosea Ministry/Outreach to local clubs
  • February- transition out of We Will Go Media Team
  • March-joined We Will Go’s Fountain Team, leading families and children through outreach ministry and opening doors to Jesus’ community building
  • April-began fasting and asking the Lord to create in me a pure heart, praying about upcoming mission trips and for breakthrough in Jackson
  • May-began welcoming 3 summer interns into Faith House
  • June & July-getting to lead We Will Go’s 8-week summer day camp, Camp Hope, ministering with 9 visiting churches to our neighbors
  • August-mission trip David Hogan’s Freedom Ministries in Mexico.
  • September & October – praying about spending a few days in my hometown
  • November-mission trip to Iris Global in Pemba, Mozambique and mission trip to Swaziland
  • December-will celebrate 2 years of living at We Will Go Ministries

How to pray:

I remember growing up, dreaming of being a missionary, and I am living that right now. Man, it’s a beautiful journey, and I’m beyond thankful. I’m thankful for the times of laughter and time of deep love, and I’m also thankful for the times spent crying out to Jesus, on behalf of myself and others. I didn’t dream of half of the trials or tests that I experience in ‘daily life’ as a missionary, but I can say this, I’m glad I prayed that prayer as a little girl. It’s an amazing privilege.

Please join me in praying for breakthrough in relationships with our teens and friends working in the clubs. Please remember to pray throughout the summer, while we open our doors from 8-5 to campers (up to 60+ kiddos). I want to see Jesus move mightily in those 8 weeks, I’m praying for Jesus to shine in homes that have only known darkness. That’s a big prayer! I’m also praying for Jesus to provide the needs of every one of my housemates! This summer, I get to live with 5 other AMAZING missionaries…praying that Jesus draws us closer together and closer to Him. Thanks for reading!!

How to support financially:

Monthly Mission Expenses ($400 monthly fee + living expenses)

Sponsor the mission trip to Mexico ($1,500)

Sponsor the mission trip to Mozambique & Swaziland ($3,700)