“Do you love me?”

‘We love because he first loved us.’ 1 John 4:19

A time ago, I shared about one of our boys and how he was learning about God’s love. I truly believe he’s on a journey, learning how to receive love! Today, I saw a glimpse of what Jesus is going in his heart. :))

There were days when he’d ask me, “Miss Mariah, why you always smiling and touching people on the head?” I’d always say it was because that’s how I ‘showed love.’ He VERY often would say how strange that was to him or that he didn’t understand.

We would often pray for him to receive the love of the Father. I remember the day his question for me changed to: “Miss Mariah, I got a question…do you love me?” 

“Yes, I love you!” “Of course I do.” “My answer will always be the same, YES!”

I believe we are all on a journey learning how to love, and how to receive. It’s a beautiful, powerful thing! God’s heart is for all of us to know His unconditional love.

That same young man was asked to stand at the end of his 5th grade promotion ceremony today. Much to his surprise, his principal proceed to tell the crowd what our little man spent the past few weeks repeating…

“We love you! (Followed by the question) Why don’t you ever say it back?”

The principal said that none of them had an answer…but today was different. In front of everyone, he told the 5th graders that they are loved. (posted a clip on my FB page — I was blown away!)

Jesus has given us the privilege and responsibility to share HIS LOVE, no matter the situation…no matter the person…it’s not up to us! His love is for all, and that’s something that will never change, and that’s a beautiful thing!





When You See Him.

Jesus does so much within the walls of the Fountain, but there are times when He calls us out! One particular night, all of us missionaries decided to walk our streets to pray and connect with families about opportunities with Camp Hope. If we were honest, most of us believed this would be a night with testimonies from meeting up with our little ones. How many of you know that God’s ways are so much higher? As we began to walk the streets neighboring the Fountain, we ended up meeting a new friend in his early 30’s. He didn’t realize that we were actually walking in the neighborhood in which we resided. Despite explaining that we actually lived down the street, he believed it would be best to walk with us to be sure we were safe. I heard the Lord say to allow him to walk with us and to share truth to him as we did.

We walked down the neighboring alley that is home to so many that we love, only to end up on the street where most of our Fountain kids live on. Immediately we encountered a group of kids we have known for a long time, who were eager to show us tricks to get our attention. We then were approached by an older man who said we were either the ‘police’ or some ‘Christian ladies.’ We were definitely one of the two. The next words out of his mouth were, “I know my life is not surrendered.” He spoke as he moved the bottle of alcohol from his hand to the underneath of his chair. Jesus allowed us to stop and pray with this man. Some of our Fountain kids stopped to pray and others continued to play, but our new friend was not pleased that we would stop to pray with this man, but preceded to join us anyway.

As dark came, we decided to return home. On the walk back home, our new friend decided to open up a bit. He told us that he was not a resident of downtown Jackson, but felt he was supposed to come that evening, for a reason unknown. After recounting the minutes before he then said, “I saw Jesus tonight.”

Isn’t that one of the most beautiful pictures of the Gospel? Through simple acts of obedience, I believe many will SEE JESUS! Things change when we see HIM. Are you willing to obey God, even when I doesn’t make sense? Even when it doesn’t seem to matter? I believe what the Word says is still true today!

“And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”

John 12:32

Please be praying for us at the Fountain! Jesus is asking so many to surrender to Himself. Pray that hearts would respond to Him and that souls would be saved.

Other fun highlights from this month


Of course, family & food…always a joy! 




We got to be a part of Neil & Alicia’s wedding day in PA!




We met lots of new kids & got a new space for Sunday Kid’s Church!