About Me

After receiving my acceptance e-mail and proceeding to cry off every last drop of make up I had on, I took this picture on the day that I made my final decision to go to the Harvest School.Much of who I am revolves around the truth that Jesus has been my friend from a very young age.

I loved every minute of growing up in the small town of Galliano, Louisiana. I’ve also had the privilege of attending a church that encouraged me to seek after Jesus with all the I had. After high school graduation, I attended Centenary College. I’m so thankful for those four years! It was truly a time of learning and growing closer to the Lord. Without my parents by my side, I quickly learned to truly lean on Jesus . In May 2014, I graduated with a degree in psychology with a sociology and art history minor.

 A mere two weeks later, I boarded a plane for Harvest School 20 in Mozambique, and also began writing about that journey! :)) In many facets of my life, the Lord began to call me higher; He began to purify my heart of fear and complacency…as I’ve discovered more of who Jesus is, I’ve realized how much I need Him to continue working in my life. I soon became part of such an incredible family, the Iris Global family. I have seen Jesus do such amazing things through this ministry; it’s truly the biggest blessing. Almost a year after Harvest School I became connected with We Will Go Ministries in Jackson, Mississippi! I’m so thankful for Jesus and His plan for Jackson. I am excited that the Lord has sent me to be a part of what He’s doing at We Will Go Ministries!

At times it’s difficult to fathom that God would allow me such an opportunity. I know I don’t have much to give in comparison to what I have already received from being a part of this family, BUT I am excited to walk in the Father’s love and to share that love with my friends and neighbors in Jackson. If you want to hear testimonies of what Jesus is doing, I would love to share with you!

Jesus is AMAZING, and I love Him so much! He is so worthy. Get to know Him, and you’ll want to give everything to Him too 😉 He’s beautiful!!!


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